Why Us

Reasons why Pacogreen is your best partner !

C.U.P Methodology

We use an inhouse process methodology to help our customers transition to compostable plastics:

We CALCULATE  the present plastic scenario in your packaging and supply chain, UNDERSTAND the use cases where we can easily transition to compostable plastic and then simply PACOGREEN it through our industry leading and certified solutions!

Not Regular

Certified ISO 17088
Tested By CIPET

Compostable In
60 To 180 Days

Approved By

Food For Plant
Once Composted

Flexible &
Leak Proof

Made From Plant Extracts &Bio-degradable Material

Different Sizes,
Thickness & colors Available

Not Under
Plastic Ban


Technical Expertise​

Our plastic packaging and compostable plastic consultants are industry leading experts who have helped various companies across industries to go green by hand holding them with a proven transition

Green Marketing efforts

Consumers wants eco friendly brands.. We help you highlight and market the good work you do!

Predictive Analytics

We are highly data driven and our Data science team uses Predictive analytics to understand the inventory and demand forecasts. This helps in (a) Shorter Lead / Delivery Times to our customers. (b) shelf life analysis of the compostable products (c) ensuring maximum quality / usage capability of the solutions

Sample Available

Happy to provide samples for our customer’s understanding

Carbon Footprint Calculator​

Our customers can calculate their specific carbon footprint due to flexible plastic packaging use and then reduce their carbon footprint just by switching to Pacogreen’s compostable plastic solutions in their packaging and supply Chain.

Quality Check

Our products are certified as per latest standards ensuring quality and honesty! On the other end Our technicians do a thorough quality check before we deliver the product to customers. Ensuring customer satisfaction!


Strong delivery partners across globe to transit the solutions at your facilities

Customisable Solutions

Customisable solutions suitable for our clients need

Benefits of Pacogreen | Compostable products


 Compostable  products


Carbon less foot print


 Certified product as per CIPET , CPCB and other International standards and agencies


Customer satisfaction & Competitive prices

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Startup India – Government of India Recognised

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Certified Products

We Deal With Various Ecofriendly Products !