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100% Compostable packaging for all who want to reduce their harmful Single Use Plastic Packaging


Bioplastics are being increasingly used in retail because they are more breathable than conventional plastics and hence, have a longer shelf life. Bioplastics can be used to package as well as transport retail items. They can also be composted along with the leftovers in a compost pit, which makes them environmentally sustainable while also catering to the constantly growing demands of customers.

Compostable Carry Bags

Compostable Grocery / Kirana Bags

Compostable Garbage Bags

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There has been an increase in using bioplastics in HORECA for packaging such as food bags. Given the constantly growing catering industry, and food delivery apps, and the increasing usage of plastics in the HORECA industry, bioplastics have emerged as the lifeguard. Biobased plastics are used in form of carry bags  , grocery bags and garbage bags . 

Compostable Carry Bags

Compostable Grocery / Kirana Bags

Compostable Garbage Bags


Given the increase of bioplastics in health care : Hospitals & related Health care apps / Health care pharmacy retails chains require tons of carry bags & waste / garbage bags every year.

Compostable Carry Bags

Compostable Garbage Bags / Waste Disposable Bags


A lot of brands have been focusing on using bio-based plastics for packaging and delivering their garments. This makes sure that delivery and packaging do not destroy the landfills further. The packaging can also be used to store or gift clothes.

Compostable Apparel / Garment Bags

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For packaging, delivery as well as maintenance of goods, bioplastics are being used in every sphere of e-commerce. Bioplastics are used by manufacturers while packaging their goods in boxes, while transporting them in cartons as well as while delivering them at the customer’s doorstep.

Compostable Courier / mailer bags

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Municipal Corporation
| Solid Waste Management

Municipal corporations use bioplastics to carry out daily activities without polluting the environment. From carrying garbage in bioplastic garbage bags to putting up notices with paper that is environment-friendly, using bioplastics makes municipal corporations reduce the burden on the environment and makes sure that daily-life does not deplete the planet.

Compostable Waste Managements Bags

Compostable Garbage Bags

Office Spaces | Educational Institutes | Cafeteria areas

Bioplastics are used in office spaces and institutional cafeterias to switch to a greener way of life. Offices use garbage bags while cafeterias use cutlery and garbage bags made of bioplastics. This makes sure that the activities of these places are carried out in an environment-friendly manner.

Compostable Garbage Bags

Compostable Carry Bags