Pacogreen is on a mission to help solve a global problem by reducing worldwide single-use plastic pollution!

We aim to help organizations eliminate plastic in their packaging and supply chain through 100 % compostable plastic thereby reducing carbon footprint and going eco-friendly in a sustainable manner.

Our products are made from cornstarch and various other starches that are 100% compostable and compostable and have been proven to be the best alternative to normal plastic which takes 300-1000 years to degrade.



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Why Pacogreen aims to end single-use plastics pollution

400 million tonnes

Plastic waste produced annually, which will double by 2034

5 trillion

Plastic bags are used worldwide annually


Only 1% of Total Single Use plastic is recycled. High time to switch to   compostable.


Marine species are affected by severe contamination of plastic in the ocean and by 2050
there could be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans! 

Pacogreen came into existence with a vision to help customers and individuals across industries to transition to a 100% compostable plastic, through various certified Pacogreen solutions.

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